Motoring News — 12 July 2013
The safety of young drivers depends on where they live

Last month Telegraph Motoring outlined some revealing research conducted for Michelin by Road Safety Analysis concerning the driving habits and attitudes of young drivers.

The good news is that around 40% of drivers aged 17-25 would welcome additional mandatory driver training covering areas such as motorway driving, as outlined in the Department of Transport’s Green Paper on improving safety for young drivers. This is an subject very close to my heart and I’m delighted, but not that surprised based on the research I’ve been involved with, to see attitudes shifting amongst newly qualified drivers towards the realisation that better training makes safer drivers. Ultimate Car Control’s DX (Drive Xtra) Programme is at the forefront of this thinking and working closely with the powers that be to develop the best possible, and most engaging, training for this age group.

The bad news is that it seems that young drivers on rural roads are still involved in many more crashes than those on urban roads. Young rural drivers are almost twice as likely (44%) to be involved in a collision compared with young urban drivers. 41% admit they are more likely to drive faster on rural roads, and this makes them 68% more likely to be on a crash on a 60mph road than urbanites. It seems there’s a lot of misplaced confidence in their own abilities for driving at speed on winding, often unlit, roads and this, as you might expect often ends badly.

The study showed that between 2007 and 2011, 8.227 young drivers living in rural areas were in collisions which resulted in a fatality or serious injury. Darren Lindsey, head of government affairs at Michelin, said “There is an urgent case for greater education and awareness among young drivers, especially those in rural areas.”

If you’re concerned about your driving skills and want to gain better control of your vehicle then extra training doesn’t have to be boring. The dynamics elements of the DX course take place in secure surroundings away from the road and you really get to understand how to control your vehicle at speed… and most importantly learn how to avoid becoming another statistic. Find out more at



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