Motoring News — 05 December 2011
£2.5m Motorway Pile-up

A motorway pile-up involving 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes and a Lamborghini could be the most expensive crash in history. The convoy were apparently heading for a supercar event when the incident happened on the Chugoku Expressway in Japan.

The accident perfectly illustrates the importance to supercar drivers of understanding ‘vehicle dynamics’. Understanding how a car behaves at high speed or under extreme circumstances is a critical skill for the drivers of such powerful cars. It involves a total understanding of a car’s dynamic behaviour when it is ‘on the limit’ of the available grip and provides the driver with the skills required to be able to react and adapt to the three critical motions of car control – namely understeer, roll oversteer and power oversteer.

This type of advanced training should be seriously considered by any supercar driver. Vehicle dynamics helps you to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road, and equipping you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to react appropriately and safely in any scenario. A driving mistake, as a result of not understanding vehicle dynamics, and as appears to be the case here, can involve significant embarrassment and financial cost to repair. In another location the personal costs to the driver and other road users could have been so much worse.

Ultimate Car Control specialises in such training and you can find out more here:

Ultimate Car Control Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Training for Supercar Drivers

Read the full story of this expensive crash here

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