Motoring News — 21 September 2011
Motorist’s economic slowdown speeds up

More than 50% of motorists are now driving more slowly as the effects of the recession continue to bite into household incomes, up from 34% this time last year. A recently updated survey by Manheim Auctions also found that nearly 60% of motorists say that continuing economic uncertainty is affecting the way they use their car compared with 38% in October 2010. The survey also shows that 26% of motorists are shopping more online to avoid having to drive to shops, 17% are using public transport to go to and from work and 10% are working more from home.

“There is no doubt that more and more motorists are now thinking twice before using their cars. When the time comes to change their car it seems that more are also considering a secondhand car as increased demand for smaller, fuel efficient vehicles at auctions demonstrates,” said Craig Mailey, Marketing Director, Manheim Auctions.

The survey was conducted by One Poll in August 2011 with 3,000 respondents

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