Business and Fleet — 22 August 2011
Firms Not Making Basic Driver Checks

Companies and business drivers are still taking huge risks by not properly checking driving licences and business insurance cover.

 A recent survey by Fleet Consultancy Fleet21 has revealed that too many Companies – and their drivers are still taking risks by not checking to see that Driving Licences and Business Insurance cover.

George Emmerson Senior Partner at Fleet 21 states that the survey’s results show employers are putting their business at risk by not checking that all licences and insurance requirements meet the required legislation. ‘For many simply asking the employee to show their driving licence is seen as being the answer. However someone in the organisation needs to verify that they have seen such documentation and logged that the documents have been seen by the employer’.

The report goes on to say that many employers and employees are not aware that the Photo Card driving licence requires renewal every 10 years. Fleet Consultancy Fleet 21 confirms this is a requirement and further points out that any employee driving on company business with such a licence will face a potential charge for failing to renew their licence which can lead to a £1000 fine.

In fact that many drivers are unaware of such a ruling. The photo card driving licence has a 10 year limit to take account of ageing and other changes. The DVLA does issue reminders to drivers that their licence will soon require renewing, but this warning is often ignored.

Insurance is another area that needs to be managed by the employer or employees driving vehicles on company business. The old way of thinking that insurance was just a fact of life has been replaced, as more employers implement a formal risk management policy in an effort to contain escalating insurance costs and there are many examples of companies drastically reducing accident rates through well-run driver training programmes.

Mr Emmerson says it important that companies must make sure that employees undertaking company business in their own vehicles are fully insured for business purposes. If they choose to ignore this request they need to stop them from undertaking any journey on company business in their own vehicles.

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