Business and Fleet — 31 August 2011
Advisory Fuel Rates published

Advisory Fuel Rates detail how much cash company car and van drivers can claim back against business mileage and are reviewed quarterly. HM Revenue and Customs published the new rates last week and, with the exception of mid-sized LPG vehicles where the amount claimable has dropped by 1p per mile, the rates remain unchanged for all fuel types and engine sizes. The new figures are in force for the three months beginning 1st September.

Current rates are:

Petrol (including petrol hybrid)
1400cc or less 15p
1401cc to 2000cc 18p
Over 2000cc 26p

1600cc or less 12p
1601cc to 2000cc 15p
Over 2000cc 18p

1400cc or less 11p
1401cc to 2000cc 12p (down from 13p)
Over 2000cc 18p

For more information visit HMRC

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